No Way Out

No Way Out

No Way Out

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13 Nov 2015



Juan de los Santos, a former undercover cop from Paraguay, once ready to take down the biggest drug cartel in Latin America, has lost everything; his wife and kids brutally murdered on a cold dark night and with them, his will to live. Juan, himself didn’t survive unscathed; on that cold night he took two bullets, one still in his heart, the other one damaging a part of his brain, cursing him sporadic amnesia. In an internal and external struggle with his own demons, Juan must defeat incredible odds to save innocent people. Sleepless, and afflicted by treacherous nightmares of that night, he is willing to take any job to alleviate his suffering. Juan begins to work as a dishwasher at a glamorous nightclub, but looks can be deceiving, as this nightclub soon becomes a breeding ground for chaos. A new deadly drug, a combination of cocaine and ecstasy is being spread up north through the continent, accompanied by human trafficking and a furious mafia, Club Velvet becomes the epicenter of …


9 komentarzy

  1. Iwona.Urbańska pisze:

    Aż szkoda, że rano do pracy, bo jeszcze kilka pozycji by się obejrzało 😀

  2. Jadwiga pisze:

    Brak słów , coś pięknego!

  3. Ilua pisze:

    Kocham Was za te wrzutke ;*

  4. Anabsandn pisze:

    Wszystko wporządku 🙂

  5. Jasayri pisze:

    Kapitalnie po prostu, aż słów brak 😉

  6. Paulina pisze:

    odpalam play, odpalam browar i gra gitara

  7. RazorHEAD pisze:

    poprawiliscie mi humor na ten smutny szary dzien 😉

  8. JoseMourinhoo pisze:

    Działa aż miło się robi 😉

  9. Martusiaczekkk pisze:

    Wszystko wporządku 🙂

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